Since 1420

Historically significant

The Cockpit, situated on Eton High Street is one of Windsor and Eton’s oldest and most historically significant buildings. Currently on Historic England’s At Risk register after falling into a state of disrepair, the derelict space is thought to date back to 1420 but has been left to deteriorate after previous efforts to restore the space ended in the developer’s bankruptcy in 2016. Fortunately, a local company has stepped in to restore The Cockpit to its former glory and has now outlined its vision for the building. 


15th century

A medieval tavern

The oldest building on Eton High Street, thought to date back to 1420 was originally a medieval tavern. Documentary evidence from 1465 shows it was owned by Thomas Jourdelay, a benefactor of Eton College.

17th century


In the 17th Century, The Cockpit was an inn by the name of Adam and Eve. It was incredibly popular with locals and frequently visited by notable dignitaries. An outhouse to the rear of the building was used as an abattoir.



Local authority have placed an urgent works notice and an extensive repairs notice to protect the building. This has made works extremely difficult to undergo, with complex legalities to face. 


A exciting vision

Structural Repairs have set out future plans for the historic building. The vision is to open it how it originally operated all those years ago back in 1420, as a medieval tavern. There will also be medieval themed guest rooms. Gin and mead will be curated on site where the public will be able to experience and learn these skills in workshops. A gift shop will also be located on-site selling traditional handmade gifts and products.

600 years later

We are working to restore this historic building

The overall building is in very poor condition. There are risks to health
and safety and to the condition of adjacent buildings. It is not fit for occupation and
the building is a risk of further loss. 

There has been deterioration over a long term from the lack of maintenance and
inappropriate materials. 

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